Stuck in Kabul – What not to miss on August 17th


Situation in Afghanistan – Biden defended the decision to withdraw troops After the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden ended his vacation and made a statement last night about the events of the last days. Biden defended the decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. According to him, the Washington mission in Afghanistan has always been focused on defeating terrorism and not on “building the country.” “Recent events have shown that ending US military intervention in Afghanistan is now the right decision. American troops cannot and will not fight, they will not die in a war in which Afghan troops do not want to fight,” Biden said. He warned the Taliban and said that if US citizens remaining in Afghanistan were attacked, the US response would be “swift and forceful”. The situation in Afghanistan was also discussed at the UN Security Council yesterday. The council called on the Taliban to immediately stop human rights abuses, create a hostile environment and allow all parties to carry out safe humanitarian activities. Diplomatic “green zones” have been vacated since the Kabul Taliban took over and the president fled the country. Part of the aliens have already flown out of the country. Among those who remain – 22 Georgians. In this situation, Georgian citizens are still trying in Kabul. They are planned to be transported from Afghanistan by special flights. Radio Liberty journalist Lela Kunchulia talked to Temo Elikashvili, one of the Georgian citizens there. He is a former military man with experience of serving in Afghanistan. Now he is a contractor for the American security company GardaWorld. According to him, Georgians are gathered together at the base, which is located away from the airport. It is dangerous to move to the destination. Temo Elikashvili says in an interview that the shootings in the city have stopped. The Taliban patrol the streets. He said the situation is so unpredictable that no one knows what will happen next. Read the full interview here. See also: Afghan Civil Aviation Authority advises airlines not to enter Afghan airspace Evacuation at Kabul airport halted Is China respecting the “will and choice” of the Afghan people? The first field hospital for 500 co-patients was organized in the volleyball hall of Digomi Olympic base. The hospital should accept patients of moderate severity. According to the Ministry of Health, the hospital located in the gym has mobilized all the necessary equipment to monitor the health status of co-patients, including the space for laboratory tests, the so-called oxygen supply. Ports that accompany all beds. According to the agency, the only service that the field hospital will not be able to provide to patients will be intubation, ie, transfer to an artificial respiration device. Are there sufficient, competent, qualified medical staff, including doctors and nurses, to serve the 500-patient field hospital? The answers to these questions are vague. For example, the Deputy Minister of Health, Giorgi Tsotskolauri, who visited the field hospital on August 16, replied: “We have a close connection with the Red Cross, we mobilize doctors with them. There is also experience in the country in this area. Consequently, we do not see a problem. “We have an old experience from the past decades that remains at the moment.” Read more in Nino Tarkhnishvili’s article. The brother of the Olympic champion Zurab Zviadauri was killed in the car One of the three people killed in the car in Kakheti, according to Radio Liberty, is the brother of the Olympic champion Zurab Zviadauri. The injured were taken to the Telavi Central Hospital a few kilometers from the village of Tsinandali, but as Khatuna Choniashvili, the head of the clinic, told RFE / RL, all three were already dead when they entered the clinic. Two other people involved in the same incident were injured and taken to the clinic. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into the incident under the third part of Article 109 of the Criminal Code, which stipulates premeditated murder under aggravating circumstances, which resulted in the death of two or more persons. Stay tuned for news on this topic in the Radio Liberty News Feed. Public Debate on Constitutional Amendments to Continue in Tbilisi After Kutaisi Public debate on constitutional amendments after Kutaisi will be held in Tbilisi today. On August 18, the commission will complete its work, summarize the process and start the parliamentary procedures. Yesterday in Kutaisi, the changes were discussed by the representatives of the parliamentary majority and the parliamentary opposition parties that supported the initiation of the project. These are the citizens’ union “Girchi”, the leader of the “European Socialists”, Fridon Injia, “Strategy Builder” and “Lelo”. With the bill initiated in Parliament, the amendment will be reflected in the transitional provisions of the Constitution and will apply to Parliament for the next two convocations. According to the project, the election threshold will be 2%. Parliamentary elections will be held under the proportional system, and the so-called Unallocated seats will remain with the parties with the largest balance. The number of members of the faction in the next two convocations of Parliament should not be less than 4. The changes concern the procedure for electing the Attorney General and increase the quorum. Read more. Israel fails to provide sufficient documentation to test COVID-19 drug in Georgia – Tikaradze According to Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze, Israel has failed to provide sufficient documentation to test the anti-coronavirus drug in Georgia. Ekaterine Tikaradze responded to the journalists’ question why the process of possible drug testing in Georgia failed. “This drug was not a reliable drug, they could not provide sufficient documentation that we had sufficient grounds to test this drug in Georgia and in the interests of the safety of the Georgian population, we could not accept it as a reliable drug,” – said Ekaterine Tikaradze. Read more. SpaceX to Start Procedures for Obtaining an Internet Provider License in Georgia Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, with the help of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), will start the official procedure for obtaining an Internet Provider license in Georgia. GITA spreads information about it. According to the report, the company considers Georgia as a pilot country to which satellite internet is provided. “SpaceX has expressed interest in Georgia’s involvement in the process of internetization, therefore, Georgia is considered as one of the first pilot countries to provide satellite internet to the population of Georgia, and SpaceX with the help of GITA will start the official procedure for obtaining an ISP license in Georgia.” – It is said in the information spread by GITA. Read more. Who is Mullah Baradar – the most famous Taliban? Abdul Ghani Baradar, known as Mullah Baradar, is one of the founding leaders of the Taliban and the highest-ranking leader of a paramilitary Islamist group. It is suggested that after the Taliban takes control of Afghanistan, it will be in his hands to control the country. Baradar, the Taliban’s most public figure, led a Taliban group that signed a key agreement with the United States in February 2020 to end the 20-year war in Afghanistan. Born in 1968 in Uruzgan Province, Baradar is a union of Pashtun tribes from the Duran, a Popalzai tribe. He once served as the Taliban’s deputy defense minister. Baradar fled to Pakistan when the United States deployed troops in Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and toppled the Taliban regime. Read more. Historian Beka Kobakhidze, co-head of the Georgian History master’s program, told RFE / RL about the developments in Afghanistan. .