Survey reveals what Americans think about the 1st half of the Biden administration


Six months after taking possession of Biden, what do Americans have to say about the new management? To find that answer, YouGovAmerica, a British research and data analysis company, recently released the results of an opinion poll conducted between the 14th and 17th of July in the United States. For now, Biden still divides opinions: 58% of adults approve of the new president’s term, while 42% disapprove.

Despite the lack of a more significant difference between both indices, the distance between those who assess the government positively and those who view it negatively widens when specifically analyzing the issue of the pandemic. Overall, two-thirds of Americans (67%) say Biden has done a good job of dealing with the coronavirus.

Another point pushing the president’s popularity up is the decision to remove US troops from Afghanistan. Altogether, 60% of Americans approved this act.

The challenge of winning the Republicans

While Biden’s approval still trumps rejection, the President of the United States has a popularity challenge to overcome when analyzing the behavior by parties. Especially among Republicans.

Even with the advances in the pandemic, 67% of them are still concerned about the political landscape under Biden’s management, while 61% are frustrated with the current scenario. Only one in 20 Republicans says the first half was stable.

Among Democrats, the scenario is better: 55% say the policy is “stable” since the arrival of Biden, 42% say the political scenario is satisfactory e 39% say it’s inspiring.