Taliban military parade with US helicopter, armor and weapons – Prime Time Zone


Members of the group paraded this Wednesday, 1st, in celebration of what they called Independence Day, due to the end of the US occupation after 20 years

EFE / EPA / STRINGEROne of the most symbolic aircraft, the uh-60 Black Hawk helicopter, was also used in the regime’s first official flight.

members of Taliban organized a military parade this Wednesday, 1st, to commemorate the end of the US occupation of the last 20 years. Fa heavy arsenal was displayed by hundreds of militants on the streets of Kandahar, the second largest city in the Afghanistan. Bo the part of the armored and the weapons come from the USA and were caught by the group when they took control of obscene, capital of the country. Uone of the most symbolic aircraft, the helicóptero uh-60 Black Hawk, was also used in the first official flight of the authoritarian regime, carrying the group flag, white with the central prayer of Islam, written in black. Humvee jeeps and several pickup trucks also paraded.

Taliban members say the parade is seen as a milestone in what they call the Independence Day by the departure of the troops. The United States ended the two decades of military occupation last Monday, 31. According to the Pentagon, more than 120 thousand Americans have left the country in recent weeks. Another 500 citizens chose to stay. Over the course of the war, some 2,500 soldiers and nearly 240,000 Afghans died at a cost of approximately $2 trillion. Now, the Taliban guarantees that the regime wants to maintain good relations with the Americans and the rest of the world.

*With information from reporter Fernando Martins