Taliban will allow women to study, but separate from men


You Taliban will allow the women study at University, as long as they do it separately from men, confirmed this Sunday (12) the minister of Higher Education of the new Afghan regime.

“Our fighters have assumed their responsibilities” by regaining power, Abdul Baqui Haqqani told a news conference in Kabul, in which he highlighted the importance of the university system.

The West accuses the Taliban regime of wanting to neglect education.

“From now on, the responsibility for rebuilding the country rests with the universities. And we are hopeful, because the number of universities has increased considerably” compared to the time of the first Taliban regime (1996-2001), he insisted.

“This makes us optimistic for the future, for building a prosperous and autonomous Afghanistan… We must make good use of these universities,” he added.

He also confirmed that the government will ban mixed classes at universities, allowed by the ousted government in mid-August.

“This poses no problem for us. They are Muslims and they will accept this. We decided to separate (men and women) because the mixed classes are contrary to the principles of Islam and our traditions,” he said.

According to him, mixed education was imposed by the pro-Western government of the last 20 years, despite the fact that universities request separate classes for women and men.