Test event in Rio brings together thousands of people without mask and distance – Prime Time Zone


With authorization from the City Hall, the party was held at Parque dos Atletas, in Barra da Tijuca

Play / Instagram / @CurtaEsborniaImages released by the organizers show the event packed with thousands of people

A party with hundreds of people without masks and without rules of social distancing was held this Saturday at Parque dos Atletas, in Barra da Tijuca, west side of Rio de Janeiro, an open area of ​​150 thousand m². With authorization from the City Hall to take place, the event named ‘Esbórnia Retake‘ was authorized to receive up to four thousand people and those present needed to prove that they had the complete vaccination schedule (that is, the two doses of CoronaVac, AstraZeneca or Pfizer, or the single dose of Janssen) and present a negative test result for the disease done 48 hours before the event. Participants will also be monitored for 14 days, starting yesterday, to ensure there has been no exposure to the virus, according to a database sent by the organizers.

“Since this is a controlled event, with everyone present (public and workforce) tested and vaccinated, the mandatory use of a mask and distancing is not necessary. This release is exclusive for test events, with strict sanitary protocol”, said the Municipal Health Department in an official note. The city of Rio foresees a gradual opening in the coming weeks, if vaccination continues advancing: currently in 58.3% of Cariocas with the complete vaccination schedule, the city government says it will remove the mandatory use of masks in open places if it reaches 65% until next Friday, 15th. There is also a forecast to require the use of the facepieces only in hospital environments and on public transport if 75% of the population is fully vaccinated by November 1st.