The Afghan government is facing a “real crisis”


According to the US Government Monitoring Group, which is tasked with monitoring developments in Afghanistan, after the full withdrawal of US troops from the country, the Afghan government in Kabul will have to fight for its survival and may be defeated by the Taliban.

Despite cautiously optimistic assessments by senior US military and Afghan leaders, a new report by the Afghanistan Reconstruction Emergency Officer describes the situation as “unfortunate” and reiterates concerns that Afghan security forces are unable to provide substantial resistance.

In a report released Wednesday, Special Auditor John Sopko wrote: “The overall direction is clearly unfavorable to the Afghan government. “If he does not take this into account and does not turn the situation around, he may face a real crisis.”

The report also indicates that the Taliban appear to have some psychological advantages in addition to the offensive initiative.

NATO military officials told the emergency auditor’s office that Afghan National Army units had typically refused to conduct military operations without the participation of special forces. Even when special forces are involved, they are tasked with routine parts, such as clearing routes.

The report also states that military aviation does not meet the standard of readiness. The Afghan Air Force, in terms of maintenance and logistics, was dependent on U.S. government contractors. And last month, with the U.S. exit process, the number of contractors halved