The crisis on the border with Belarus is intensifying


The German government has expressed concern about the entry of illegal migrants through Belarus into the country. And Poland has long-term plans to strengthen its border with Belarus.

The German Federal Police said that the number of people entering the country from Belarus via Poland is increasing. Since August, 4,300 migrants have moved to Germany. The European Union (EU) has accused Belarussian author Alexander Lukashenko of using migrants against Europe.

Most of the migrants are from Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Iran. Belarus opens border with migrants in response to Brussels sanctions Brussels has imposed sanctions on Minsk over rigged presidential elections last year and brutal crackdowns and pressure on protesters.

The Polish Interior Minister said that the soldiers continue to cross the barbed wire on the border between the two countries. Warsaw wants to strengthen its border with Belarus in the long run. The government’s plan to build a “wall” with a barrier function is being considered by the Polish parliament.

The European Commission has said it wants the union to terminate the “visa facilitation agreement” with Belarus, which entered into force in July 2020.