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The de facto Attorney General has expired but remains in office


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The de facto parliament failed in the occupied Tskhinvali region. At the session e. წ. Deputies should have terminated the powers of de facto Prosecutor General Uruzmag Jagaev and a new e. წ. To be approved by the Attorney General. The ruling party in favor of Bibilov, “Edinaia Ossetia”, no longer participated in the session and the so-called The deputies left the sitting of the Presidium. However, the new so-called The candidacy of the Prosecutor General was presented to the de facto parliament by the de facto president Anatoly Bibilov. Vitaly Savchenko was brought from Sochi to the occupied Tskhinvali region. Vitaly Savchenko, a 35-year-old Tskhinvali analyst and opposition politician, has already called Jagaev a man. The opposition has repeatedly demanded the ouster of Uruzmag Jagaev in recent months, expressing distrust in him over the improper investigation into the murder of Inal Jabiyev. The opposition is not going to support the de facto new candidate for Attorney General.

Uruzmag Jagaev

A biography of Uruzmag Jagaev’s successor has already been published in the local press. Vitaly Savchenko is 35 years old. Unlike de facto South Ossetian-born Uruzmag Jagaev, a new candidate for Prosecutor General was born and raised in the Krasnodar Krai. He studied at Kuban State University, then at the Moscow State Academy of Law. Before leaving for Tskhinvali, he worked in the Krasnodar District Prosecutor’s Office.

None of the commissions supported this candidacy, so I think they had no other choice but to spend time …

Savchenko’s only connection to the Tskhinvali region is the current de facto Attorney General Jagaev, who before returning to Tskhinvali in 2016 was the head of the Sochi Interior Ministry’s investigative service. Apart from the opposition, Savchenko could not get the support of members of the ruling party at the committee hearings, so his candidacy was on the verge of being thrown out of the session. De facto parliament speaker Alan Tadtaev blamed opposition lawmakers for disrupting the session. Speaking to Ossetian media, he said that opposition lawmakers had again raised the issue of the rules, which had become a topic of division.

“There was a heated discussion in the parliament. Some of the deputies raised the question according to which regulations the issue was discussed. Parliament works in accordance with the Constitution. Although there is no law on parliament, the bill will be ready within a week. “I repeat, the law on the parliament is being prepared and after that we will be ready to adopt the regulations as an internal document.” – Tadtaev said.

The de facto parliament passed the budget about a month ago in violation of the rules, when, despite the lack of a quorum, members of the ruling party held a session and voted on the budget. The de facto government then claimed that the Rules of Procedure adopted by the Parliament in 2004 had not been published in the press at the time and that it was not considered lawful. In Savchenko’s case, however, the majority no longer gathered. The so-called opposition. MP Davit Sanakoev says Savchenko’s candidacy was saved from failure by disrupting the session.

“As far as we know, at the meeting of the committees it was decided unanimously not to support the newly nominated Vitaly Savchenko. None of the commissions supported this candidacy, so I think they had no choice but to wait, despite the fact that the current Prosecutor General, Uruzmag Jagaev, has resigned because he was elected exactly 5 years ago. And today it’s 5 years over. Today, Jagaev had to issue an order handing over power to the first deputy, in accordance with the law. As of today, Jagaev is associated with the Prosecutor General’s Office as a former prosecutor. He should no longer have contact with the agency. “ – says Davit Sanakoev in a conversation with “Echo Caucasus”.

Now explain to us what is happening, why do not you gather and why do not you approve the candidacy proposed by your own president? ..

Uruzmag Jagaev did not hand over power to the deputy. It is called The next session of the parliament is expected to be scheduled, but no one knows when the next sitting of the de facto parliament will be held.

The protests of the de facto ruling party also surprised local analysts and civil activists. Political scientist Dina Alborova posts a post on the social network and reads who the pro-Bibilov MPs are boycotting when Savchenko was nominated by Bibilov himself.

“We have all seen that they can convene a session without a quorum. This is how the budget was adopted and “Edinaia Ossetia” did it. Then tell us now what is happening, why do not you gather and why do not you approve the candidacy proposed by your own president? ”

Another source for Radio Liberty, a civil activist, says Bibilov has no normal relationship with the Kremlin’s new curator. In his opinion, no one can be appointed to the post in Tskhinvali without Moscow’s permission, and even the disrupted sitting of the parliament is a Russian scenario.

Until 2017, Viktor Shargaev, who came from Russia, worked as the head of the KGB in South Ossetia. He is currently the Deputy Head of the Russian Presidential Administration for Cultural Relations between Foreign Countries and Regions. In fact, Putin appointed him curator of South Ossetia. Shargaev knows a lot about Bibilov and Jagaev from the time he worked here, and in recent years he has had a difficult relationship with Bibilov, and in 2017 he was removed by the president. Shargaev went from Tskhinvali to Moscow and is now, in fact, our curator. Shargaev is well aware of Jagaev and Bibilov’s links to the sale of contraband cigarettes and their sudden enrichment, so bringing in Jagaev as a man, Savchenko, and thus strengthening their own clan does not seem to suit the Kremlin. That is why Shargaev was activated and, apparently, this scene played in the parliament was also staged. Now the picture looks like this: Here, Bibilov even submitted, but the MPs are against the man. “In fact, the Kremlin is against it.” – An informed source from Tskhinvali tells us.

Vitaly Savchenko’s candidacy is now stuck in the de facto parliament. No one knows yet when the session will take place. Under de facto South Ossetian law, if parliament does not approve a nominee by a majority vote, then the president is required to nominate another candidate to the legislature within six months. Therefore, Uruzmag Jagaev may remain in office for another 6 months.



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