The death rate began to rise again after a 10-week decline


The World Health Organization reports that for the fourth week in a row, global rates of infection are steadily rising. Mortality from complications of Covid-19, after a 10-week decline, began to rise again.

The reason for the change in pandemic trends is considered by the WHO Coronavirus Delta variant, which was first discovered in India. The Delta version is now available in 104 countries.

At a briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday, the director of the World Health Organization said infections were on the rise in five of WHO’s six regions. Tedros Adhano Gebreius also says that the number of hospitalizations has increased again, so much so that in many places, it has reached the limit.

WHO experts believe that due to the speed of circulation of the Delta variant, it will soon become the dominant strain worldwide. This variant of the coronavirus is also spreading rapidly in countries with high rates of immunization with Covid-19.

Gebreisus has again criticized rich countries for having incomparably high vaccination rates. According to the Director General of WHO, not only are vaccines not evenly distributed, but even health workers in a number of countries do not have access to the vaccine.