The fate of the Summer Olympics is still unclear – Japan is expanding restrictions


According to the decision made by the Japanese government today, the semi-emergency situation will be activated in 4 more prefectures of the country. Restrictive measures taken due to the increase in cases of infection with Covid-19 have so far applied only to the prefectures of Tokyo and Osaka.

Will the Tokyo Summer Olympics be canceled? About three months before the opening, Japanese officials are still making vague statements.

Today, one of the leaders of the ruling party said that they do not rule out the cancellation of the largest sports tournament in the world, if the crisis created by the pandemic in Japan deepens. The Organizing Committee of Japan’s Olympic Committee immediately issued a statement saying that preparations for the Games are in full swing at this stage.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics were postponed last year due to a pandemic. This year, the Olympic Committee postponed it as much as possible and announced July 23 as the opening date of the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics.