The man convicted of Floyd’s murder is appealing the court verdict


A former Minneapolis police officer is appealing a court ruling over the murder of George Floyd. Derek Shawn argues that the judge abused his rights and made a mistake many times during the litigation process.

A former police officer has been arrested in connection with the murder of George Floyd. Shawn himself, in 2020, when Floyd was arrested, had his knee pressed against his neck for several minutes. Floyd, who was under police surveillance, died.

Now the defendant in Floyd’s murder says he does not have the money needed to hire a lawyer, so he will continue to defend himself. This is mentioned in the documents submitted by him in connection with the appeal to the court.

Shawn plans to raise 14 separate issues in the lawsuit. Among them is the decision of Judge Peter Cahill. The judge did not grant Chauvin’s request that the trial be moved to another district.

Jurors found Shawin guilty of second- and third-degree murder. The former officer was sentenced to 22 years and six months in prison. He does not plead guilty.