The photo that is shocking Brazil and the reports of poverty that the pandemic has uncovered


As the economic crisis caused by the pandemic continues, there are more and more people living in poverty and without money to eat.

The photograph chosen to illustrate the cover of the Extra newspaper, published in Rio de Janeiro, on September 29, last Wednesday, shocked the country, putting it face-to-face with its reality of poverty and social chaos. In the image, individuals search the back of a truck full of animal carcasses who transported them to an animal feed production plant.

In statements to the newspaper, Jose Divino Santos, the truck driver, said that, given that scenario, his will in a few days is “just cry“. “Before, people used to come here and can some bones for their dogs. Now, they beg for bones to cook meals for themselves and for the families.”

Denise de Silva, aged 51, is one of the people in this situation. With five children and 12 grandchildren to feed—her new partner—the desperation and need are undeniable. “I haven’t seen a bit of meat, maybe since the beginning of pandemic… I’m so grateful for this,” she told the journalist who signs the play. In fact, the relationship between the social situation the country has reached and the pandemic is visible to all — as well as the bad, or non-existent, management that the country has reached. government of Bolsonaro implemented, both from the point of view economic What human.

According to the Covid-19 National Survey on Food Insecurity in the Context of the Pandemic, carried out by the Brazilian Research Network on Food and Nutritional Sovereignty and Security, it revealed that 19 million Brazilians have experienced famine since the beginning of the pandemic, which killed more than 600 thousand people in the country since March 2020, recalls The Guardian.

Given these numbers, the population has already started to show their discontent, with thousands out on the street on Saturday to directly blame Jair Bolsonaro and his policies for the country’s current state.

“IT’S inhuman“, said Alex Frechette, a 43-year-old artist, also to the Extra newspaper. Now José Manuel Barbosa, a 63-year-old decorator by profession and a participant in the demonstration, is vocal in his criticisms of the country’s president, blaming him for the famine situation that exists there.

“Things are very difficult. Some people are eating bones. Others have nothing to eat at all,” he explained. Rosa Silva, 53, chooses the word “disgrace” to classify the Brazil of today. The street vendor receives government aid of 150 reais, about 24 euros, to feed his eight grandchildren.

Despite already documenting, through his lenses, the Brazilian reality for decades, the photographs taken last week did not fail to impress Domingos Peixoto, who stated that he was unable to sleep in the two days that followed the records for “to be to process” what did you see.

At the same time, the photojournalist also says he has difficulty remembering a time when it was possible to see so many homeless on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

“People are cooking with madeira — and it’s not just the homeless — and we have to find a way to tell these stories to try help these people somehow,” he explained.

In addition to what was photographically recorded, there is another image that Peixoto decided not to do: the one of a man’s smile who, upon seeing the arrival of the truck, realized that he would have “food” for the following days. “It’s one of those photos that you take with your eyes and are stored in the heart“he explained.

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