The prosecutor’s office charged 8 detainees in the July 5 case


On July 5, prosecutors charged five other people in connection with the attack on journalists – the Interpresnews photo correspondent, Tvpirveli journalists and the cameraman of the Public Broadcaster.

Today, the prosecutor’s office charged 3 more people with invading the office of “Tbilisi Pride”.

Law enforcement officers arrested the accused on July 7 and 8, 2021.

“On July 5, 2021, during the rally against” Tbilisi Pride “, the persons involved in organized violence – Ts.Ch., B.M., T.G., O.G. and M.D. On the grounds of intolerance, they attacked journalists and cameramen of various TV stations, Internet publications, print media and denied them the opportunity to carry out their professional activities.The accused were journalists of TV Pirveli, the cameraman of the Public Broadcaster and They were forced to stop their professional activities on the grounds of physical violence and verbal abuse, in order to prevent the media representatives from filming and disseminating the aggressive actions of the accused.

The investigation also found that during the rally, the accused A.A., G.E. And G.O. Along with other people involved in organized violence, they attacked the Tbilisi Pride office in a group of intolerance, illegally broke into the office to express their speech and opinion, as well as restrict their public activities, and demonstratively damaged and destroyed the Tbilisi Pride office. .

The prosecutor’s office will apply to the court for the use of detention as a measure of restraint for the accused within the time limit established by law. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 4 to 6 years in prison.

According to the prosecutor’s office, 16 people have already been charged in the ongoing investigation into the protest rally against Tbilisi Pride.

At this stage, 35 people are known to be victims in the case, including 29 journalists and cameramen.

On July 9, a judge remanded four people in custody for violence against journalists. And on July 8, 3 people were sentenced to imprisonment.