The use of outdoor masks is no longer mandatory in Portugal – Prime Time Zone


Increased vaccination and stabilization in Covid-19 cases in the country were some of the reasons for the decision

Ananda Migliano/Estadão ContentMask use is no longer mandatory in Portugal

From this Monday, the 13th, the More expensive of personal protection will no longer be required on the streets of Portugal. The measure was implemented based on the nation’s high vaccination against the Covid-19 and the stabilization of the numbers of the disease in the country. So far, 80% of the population is fully vaccinated. Even though the use of protection is no longer required, the streets of Lisbon still recorded people using them on their faces or holding them on the wrist or elbow. The country approved the mandatory use of masks in October 2020 and continues to suggest the use of protection in crowded places or in medical offices, but will not apply any punishment to those who do not use the equipment. The obligation continues to apply to public transport, supermarkets, public agencies and schools.