‘They only managed to cure an obstruction in Bolsonaro’s intestine, the rest is still obstructed’, quips Renan Calheiros – Prime Time Zone


Covid-19’s CPI reporter criticized statements made by the president as he left the hospital on Sunday, in São Paulo

Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Senate AgencyRenan Calheiros commented on the president’s admission on social networks

the senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), rapporteur yes CPI to Covid-19, criticized on Monday, 19, the statements made by President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) after he was discharged from hospital and mocked the state of health of the president. “From the interview he gave when he left the hospital, the doctors were only able to cure Bolsonaro’s bowel obstruction. The rest remains as or more clogged than before. Too bad,” the senator wrote on his Twitter account. Leaving Vila Nova Star hospital on Sunday, 18, in São Paulo, Bolsonaro he denied allegations that the government had asked for bribes for vaccines and defended the former minister of Health, Eduardo Pazuello. The president also said that Brasilia is “the paradise of lobbyists and pickaxes” and said that everyone was pushing for vaccines. On Saturday, Renan Calheiros had already poked the agent on social networks. “Patient Bolsonaro did not try alternative treatments, he did not preach denial. Prioritized science and medicine. If the patient had presided over Brazil in the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved”, he wrote.