This country vaccinated 90% of the population in just one week


O Bhutan got immunize against covid-19 90% of its population can be vaccinated in just one week, the country’s Ministry of Health reported last Tuesday, 27.

The secluded Buddhist kingdom in the far east of the Himalayas, located between India and China, fully vaccinated its population with the second dose from July 20-26, with the help of more than 4,800 health professionals across the country.

With a population of 770,000 people, the country became one of the fastest and most effective vaccination campaigns in the world carried out during the pandemic. The achievement of Bhutan – a country that uses a happiness index to guide its development policies – stands out in a region where nations like India and Bangladesh face outbreaks of delta variant cases and low vaccination rates.

In release Unveiled on Tuesday, Will Parks, UNICEF’s representative in Bhutan, hailed the successful campaign as an “extraordinary achievement” made possible by “the exhaustive efforts” that have been made to secure the second dose of the vaccine and extensive preparations for the launch of vaccination.

UNICEF helped the campaign by helping to install refrigerators and refrigerators across the country, as well as organizing a charter flight from the United States to transport vaccine doses. The country also received donations from China, Denmark and India.

Bhutan reported 2,501 coronavirus infections and only two deaths. Its borders were closed for a year, with few exceptions, and anyone entering the country must be quarantined for 21 days. The government led by a medical prime minister – the country has just 337 – has also set up a plan for tracing contacts of infected people and distributed masks to the population.

How did Bhutan manage to vaccinate the population in just one week?

The successful campaign included a quick and early outreach by the government aided by a wide network of health professionals and volunteers who helped deliver the vaccines. in small villages in rural areas with difficult access. A proactive stance on the part of senior officials in dealing with hesitation and misinformation has also proven to be key to their success.

Bhutan Health Minister Dechen Wangmo shared a photo showing health workers walking along a rocky path, carrying vaccines to remote villages.

Although he received the first doses against covid in January, the day of the national vaccination campaign was selected through astrological consultations with Buddhist monks. On that day, March 26, Buddhist prayers and chanting accompanied the first official vaccination given to a woman born in the Year of the Monkey by a nurse born in the same year, according to a release of the country’s prime minister’s office. Within two weeks, Bhutan applied the first dose to 93% of the country’s adults.

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