Three Americans emit enough carbon to kill one person – ZAP


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The lifestyles of three Americans lead to enough carbon emissions to kill one person, a new article revealed, further concluding that emissions from a single coal-fired power plant could cause more than 900 deaths.

The analysis, published in Nature Communications and quoted this Thursday by Guardian, based on the “social cost of carbon”, a monetary value attributed to the damage caused by each ton of carbon dioxide, establishing an estimated number of deaths from these emissions.

The report includes data from several public health studies, finding that for every 4,434 metric tons of CO2 projected into the atmosphere beyond the 2020 emissions rate, one person in the world will die prematurely due to the rise in temperature. This additional CO2 is equivalent to the emissions of 3.5 North Americans.

The addition of another 4 million metric tons above the 2020 level, produced on average by the average coal-fired power plant in the United States (US), will cost 904 lives by the end of the century. On a larger scale, eliminating emissions – which cause global warming – by 2050 would save about 74 million lives worldwide this century.

The estimated number of deaths due to emissions is not definitive, as it represents only heat-related mortality, leaving out floods, cyclones and others. impacts of the climate crisis, said Daniel Bressler, from the Earth Institute of Columbia University, USA, author of the article.

This research illustrates the disparities in emissions generated by consumption in different countries. While it takes 3.5 Americans to create enough emissions to kill one person, it would take 25 Brazilians or 146 Nigerians to do the same, the study concluded.

Gernot Wagner, a climate economist at New York University not involved in the research, said the social cost of carbon is a “crucial policy tool,” but it is also “very abstract”.

For Bressler, although his article analyzes the emissions caused by individual activities, the focus should be on policies that impact companies and governments, which influence carbon pollution on a social scale.

“In my opinion people should not take their emissions per person personally. our emissions [derivam] in much of the technology and yes culture of the places where we live”, he added.

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