Three journalists have been arrested in Russia


In Russia, police arrested three journalists protesting in front of the Ministry of Justice against government pressure on the media. Police have arrested three journalists of the online publication “Vazhnie History”. The publication is one of dozens of media outlets and individuals who have declared themselves “foreign agents” under a law passed 10 years ago.

During the arrest, Alessia Marokhovskaya, Polina Uzhvak and Irina Dolinina were picketing the Ministry. They call on the government to repeal the law. The law restricts media organizations from doing work and receiving funding. The video, published by the independent channel Dozhd, shows how the police arrest all three of them. Along with 47 media outlets and independent journalists, Dozhd was also declared a foreign agent. The list also includes Radio Liberty and its Russian-language publications.

Many leading independent publications are protesting against the Foreign Agent Act. Another media outlet that published an investigation into corruption and abuse of power by government officials was also added to the list of “undesirable” organizations.