Three-year-old child is among Americans left behind in Afghanistan, says newspaper – Prime Time Zone


Latest troops left Central Asian country on Monday, 30; according to the TV channel, the boy’s family tried to go to Kabul airport, but couldn’t

EFE / EPA / STRINGERA three-year-old boy’s family was reportedly intercepted by Taliban soldiers before reaching the airport

A 3-year-old boy from the city of Sacramento, the capital of California, is among more than 100 US citizens who were unable to be evacuated from the city. Afghanistan after the resumption of power by the Taliban and were “left behind” by US troops, who completed the operation to withdraw from the country this Monday, 30. According to the channel. TV ABC 7 San Francisco, the boy, who did not have his identity revealed for security reasons, was accompanied by his parents, who are also US citizens. Veterans lawyer James Brown has been trying to evacuate the family from the country since last Sunday, 29, and said he was informed about the family’s situation after a client’s call and contacted the White House, the Department of Defense and State of the country seeking help for the group.

According to him, Congresswoman Jackie Speier wrote a letter to the government calling for the immediate removal of the family, who went to the airport, but ended up being attacked by members of the Taliban at one of the group’s blockade points. “They were targets of physical aggression at the airport gate and were sent back,” narrated the lawyer to the North American channel. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken confirmed on Monday, 30, that a group of citizens had been left in the country. “We still have a small number of Americans, less than 200, somewhere around 100, who are still in Afghanistan and want to leave. We are trying to determine exactly how many they are and we will do our best to help them,” he said. Aid to those left behind, however, was not detailed by the government, which announced the closure of the US embassy in Kabul and said all diplomats there would be transferred to Qatar.