TJ-SP grants house arrest to ex-doctor Roger Abdelmassih – Prime Time Zone


A judge claimed that Abdelmassih is ‘stricken with a serious illness’ and needs care that is not offered in the prison unit; since September 2020 he has been at the Penitentiary System Hospital Center, in Carandiru

Press Release / SenadRoger Abdelmassih is accused of 49 rapes of patients

O Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo (TJ-SP) granted this Wednesday, 5, home prison to the ex-doctor Roger Abdelmassih, sentenced to 173 years in prison for 49 rapes of patients. The decision is made by Judge Sueli Zeraik de Oliveira Armani, from the Taubaté Criminal Execution Court. In the document, she concludes that Abdelmassih is included in the conditions legally imposed for the granting of house arrest, which is the attack of a serious illness, requiring care that is not offered in the prison unit. “It is evidenced in the records that the sentenced person in question is 76 years old, has a very weak clinical picture, currently experiencing considerable worsening of his health status, needs uninterrupted care, constant medication and at different times, frequent and specific exams, as well as special food and continuous surveillance, both in the medical and nursing areas ”, mentioned the judge in the decision.

Sueli added that he “has been subjected to successive hospitalizations, a situation that has been going on for a long time and extends to the present moment”. For the granting of house arrest, the judge included conditions for Abdelmassih to remain in his residence, with prior judicial authorization for medical and hospital treatment; use of electronic anklet; and medical expertise every six months or at any time if there is a change in the current health condition, in order to verify his physical condition and the possibility of resuming serving his sentence in the prison unit. Since September 2020 he has been in the Hospital Center of the Penitentiary System, no Carandiru, a neighborhood in the north of São Paulo. The Penitentiary Administration Secretariat (SAP) has not commented on when Abdelmassih will be transferred from the prison unit to house arrest.

* With information from Agência Brasil