Toffoli takes action that wants to force Bolsonaro to exhibit alleged fraud in the ballot boxes – Prime Time Zone


Rosa Weber is responsible for attending emergencies that arrive at the Supreme Court during recess; she understood what action can be analyzed by the case reporter

Caroline Antunes/Agência BrasilPresident defends the auditable printed vote and criticized electronic ballot boxes several times

The vice president of Supreme Federal Court, minister Rosa Weber, decided on Friday, 23, to pass it on to his fellow cutter, Toffoli days, the mission to analyze the action that obliges the president Jair Bolsonaro to present evidence that there was fraud in the 2018 elections. Rosa Weber is responsible for attending the emergencies that arrive at the Supreme Court during the recess, but she understood that the action can be analyzed by the original rapporteur of the case in August – when the court returns. The judicial interpellation is to clarify whether the statements of a party are offensive, which can lead to legal action.

But, in the interpellation, Bolsonaro is not required to provide clarifications. The president defends the printed vote auditable and criticized electronic voting machines several times. Yesterday, to supporters, he said that there are difficulties for the approval of the matter. “It was ready and, suddenly, Barroso went into Congress. They exchanged the positions of their representatives. What is his interest? I had to be the first to say that the printed vote is one more security. Give me any reason not to. I’m dealing with money, it’s not him.” The president of the Superior Electoral Court, Luís Roberto Barroso, reinforces that electronic voting machines are safe, transparent and already auditable.

*With information from reporter Fernando Martins