UK closes schools and cancels tests due to Covid-19 – Prime Time Zone


Even though vaccinated, the country had 59,937 new infections and 1,035 deaths in the last 24 hours

EFE / EPA / NEIL HALL – 05/01/2021The exams, including university admission exams, have been canceled and will be replaced by the student’s continuous assessment

O UK closed primary and secondary schools, except for vulnerable students or children of essential services workers, and canceled most tests to combat yet another wave of contagion by Covid-19. By issuing a new closure earlier this year, the British government imposed internet teaching on England until at least mid-February. Autonomous nations – Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – did the same, but will review the decision on different dates.

Universities will also offer, at least until February, virtual education – except in careers in sectors seen as fundamental to the current crisis. Nurseries remain open, a decision that has been criticized by some health experts and that seeks to give parents the option of working. In recent days, some schools have warned that they are receiving so many students from priority groups who fear the spread of the virus in the classroom, while others complain that insufficient resources, such as computers, create learning inequalities.

The tests, including those for admission to the university, have been canceled and will be replaced by the student’s continuous assessment through tests and courses. However, in the absence of a minimum guide, teachers warn that the system may result in disparities in criteria. In an article published this Sunday, 10, in the newspaper The Sunday Times, the chief medical advisor to the government, Chris Whitty, warns that the National Health Service (NHS) is in the most dangerous situation it can remember – with more and more hospitals being overwhelmed by Covid-19 cases.

Many doctors and other health professionals have asked the government and the population as a whole to offer more support to their work, including the provision of protective equipment and respect for confinement. The State Department of Health reported on Saturday, 9, that there were 59,937 new infections in the last 24 hours and 1,035 deaths. The United Kingdom has already added up to more than 80,000 since the pandemic began. So far, almost 1.5 million people in the country have been vaccinated.

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