UN tries to anticipate eight million doses of vaccine from Covax Facility to Brazil – Prime Time Zone


Another four million units may still come in May; state managers appealed for anticipation

Amit Dave/ReutersA letter signed by the 27 governors this Friday calls for humanitarian aid to the UN for Brazil

A United Nations Organization will anticipate to Brazil the transfer of four million doses of vaccine against Covid-19. They should arrive in April. Another four million units may still come in May. Immunizers are part of the consortium Covax Facility, led by World Health Organization, and were already scheduled for delivery, but there was still no confirmation of when they arrived in the country. The announcement was made by the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, after a meeting of the Governors’ Forum with UN representatives. There was an appeal from state managers to expedite the delivery of vaccines.

The governor of Piauí, Wellington Dias, reinforced the request. “If the world does not take care of Brazil, there is a risk that soon it will have a variant and none of these vaccines will work. To solve the problem of Brazil is to solve the problem of the world. We do not want to pass in front of anyone, we want the consortium contract with WHO to be fulfilled in the form of the timetable that existed. ” At the meeting, the governors reinforced the fact that Brazil was seen as a global threat because it was the epicenter of the pandemic at the time. That’s what highlighted the governor of São Paulo, João Doria. “The drama of more than 365 thousand deaths and regrettably the lack of vaccine does not only affect Brazilians, but it places healthiness, not only on the American continent, but on the world. The drama of Brazil can be the drama of the world. ”

A letter signed by the 27 governors this Friday calls for humanitarian aid to the UN for Brazil. In addition to the anticipation of doses, they ask for assistance in mediating with China to anticipate the arrival of the IFA used in the CoronaVac. The document also asks for help with the purchase or loan of ten million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine that are in stock in the United States. Other points are the anticipation of technology transfer so that Brazil can produce the IFA of vaccines and the purchase of drugs and oxygen used in the intubation of patients.

The governor of Piauí, Wellington Dias, criticized the lack of national coordination in the process. “From the beginning, we have clearly stated: we want the President of the Republic, the Minister of Health, in national coordination. What do we expect? The President of the Republic make this relationship. Why are we going to the UN? Because the president was supposed to go, it wasn’t, and we’re looking for it. ” Wellington Dias also said he was in favor of breaking patents on vaccines and drugs to combat Covid-19 during the pandemic so that more laboratories can manufacture the products. The matter may be voted on by the Senate in the coming weeks, but it still has resistance from the government, which seeks a different solution.

* With information from reporter Levy Guimarães