United States revises degree of risk for trips to Brazil from ‘very high’ to ‘high’ – Prime Time Zone


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Recommendations Guide recommends travelers be ‘100% Vaccinated’

ROBERTO CASIMIRO/FOTOArena/ESTADÃO CONTENTWith the improvement of the pandemic in the country, Brazil is in the second degree of risk in the US

You USA reviewed their degree of risk for travel to the Brazil this Monday, 13, from “very high” to “high”. In the recommendations guide of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, the acronym in English), the country came out of the highest level, and that fits a series of European states, such as Portugal e France, to a level that spans a diverse list of nations, including Chile e Uruguay. At level 3, the CDC advises travelers to make sure they are fully vaccinated. “Unvaccinated travelers should avoid non-essential trips to these destinations”, points out the agency. At the highest level of risk, travel is generally not recommended. In turn, Brazil continues to appear on the list of countries whose passengers are prevented from entering the US on direct trips departing from its airspace, except for a few cases.

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