US again recommends that vaccinated people wear masks in closed places – Prime Time Zone


Country did not resume mandatory protection item; low vaccination rate and Delta variant are reasons for CDC’s change of discourse

Country again recommends the use of masks by vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of United States asked this Tuesday, 27, that people who have already been immunized against the Covid-19 return to using masks in closed places in the country. The measure contradicts the suggestion given by the agency itself in May 2021, when the object of protection was no longer mandatory due to the advance of US vaccination. The arrival of the Delta variant, which is more transmissible than the previous ones, and the low adherence to vaccination, especially in the southern region of the USA, are some of the reasons responsible for the suggestion, which does not make the mask mandatory. “This was not a decision taken overnight,” said the director of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky, in positioning in the networks. Until now, the mandatory use of masks is maintained in public transport and airports in the country.

In some cities across the country, such as Los Angeles, California, and St. Louis, Missouri, mandatory masks were reinstated. In addition to the recommendation to use the protection item, the CDC advised that all teachers, employees and school students wear masks even if they were vaccinated, since immunizing agents cannot yet be applied to people under 12 years of age. The current estimate is that 30% of adults in the country have not been vaccinated. A survey conducted by the CDC itself shows that 80% of these adults should not change their minds and most of them are justified in false news about the effectiveness of immunizations.