US Athletes who refused to get vaccinated before the Olympics


In a world where only 24% of the population has received a dose of coronavirus vaccine, organizers could not require athletes to be vaccinated to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.

But even some athletes from developed countries, where vaccination has already advanced, went to the Games without getting vaccinated — showing the size of the challenge to advance with vaccination in the world.

The most emblematic case among rich countries is that of the United States delegation.

As released by the American Olympic committee, 103 of the country’s 709 athletes at the Games (including some reserves) were not vaccinated. The information comes from a questionnaire that athletes had to fill out before boarding for Tokyo.

The committee did not divulge the names of this group by name, but some athletes have already published that they were not vaccinated.

The case that drew the most attention was that of the swimmer Michael Andrew, 22 years old. In addition to publicly stating that he was not vaccinated before the competition, Andrew this week refused to wear a mask when giving interviews in the so-called mixed zone, an area where athletes and journalists stay after the competitions.

The case could lead to the US being punished for non-compliance with the Olympics protocol.

Andrew was thatfifth placed in the 200m medley and fourth in the 100m breaststroke, and still disputes the 50m freestyle at the end of this Friday.

GettyImages 1234256138 US Athletes who refused to get vaccinated before the Olympics Mackenzie Brown: US Archer Refused Coronavirus Vaccine

Mackenzie Brown: US Archer Refused Coronavirus Vaccine (ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Among other Americans known to be unvaccinated are the archer Brady Ellison (which competes at 11 pm this Friday in archery) and the archer Mackenzie Brown (who lost the bronze dispute at dawn today).

Both said they would not go to Tokyo if vaccination was mandatory.

Among athletes from all countries, the unvaccinated are a minority: the International Olympic Committee (IOC) estimates that more than 85% of athletes have already been vaccinated with at least one dose.