US has nearly 52 million vaccines about to expire – ZAP


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The United States has distributed more than 390 million doses of covid-19 vaccine across states, but as of Tuesday, only about 338 million had been used.

Data from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) indicate that about 52 million doses of vaccines they are, thus, to be used. O STAT News, quoted by the Observer, says that the doses have the validity limit of the summer of this year.

Some of the unused vaccines are part of the daily waste or delay in reporting given vaccines. The diary writes that there are some that will be second doses that have not yet been administered.

Still, by the half will be more vaccines, which will expire in July, August or during the fall.

The United States has 48.6% of the population fully vaccinated and 56.1% of the population with at least one dose of the vaccine.

The peak of vaccination took place in the first weeks of April, with days reaching the four million vaccines administered. Now that demand has dropped, about 450,000 are administered a day.

O STAT News states that the states have asked the federal government to distribute the spare vaccines, but the US government does not want to collect the vaccines that have already been distributed nor authorizes states to hand them over to other countries most needy.

Right now, the only possibility is to deliver the doses that were ordered by the states, but which have not yet been delivered to them.

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