US highlights high in covid-19 cases and reinforces call for vaccination


The White House task force against covid-19 highlighted an increase in cases in USA in the last week, in comparison with the previous one. The authorities highlighted, during a virtual press conference on Friday, 16, that the cases, especially the serious ones, are concentrated among the unvaccinated, so they have insisted again on the importance of the local population getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Wolensky said there was a 70% increase in the seven-day moving average, to about 33,000 cases in the most recent week. Among deaths, the growth in the same comparison was 26%, for an average of 211 per day. She said covid-19 is becoming “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” in the country, especially when it comes to serious cases that require hospitalization.

Also present at the press conference, epidemiologist Anthony Fauci pointed out the “extraordinary leap” in the most contagious delta variant around the world. He said delta is also becoming predominant in regions of the US. At the same time, he cited the example of countries with high vaccination rates, such as Israel and the United Kingdom, which face the delta variant, but still continue to register a drop in the number of severe cases of the disease. “Vaccines continue to provide strong protection against the delta variant,” he emphasized.

White House task force coordinator Jeff Zients said the US should continue to face a surge in covid-19 cases in the coming weeks. At the same time, discharge from hospitalizations should be less, thanks to vaccines, he predicted. “Practically all recent hospitalizations and deaths are unvaccinated,” he said.

Zients also commented on the possible need for a booster dose. According to him, at the moment fully vaccinated people do not need this, but the authorities will assess if and when this may be necessary, and in which specific groups. If necessary, the US will give the extra dose to everyone who needs it, he assured.

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