US prepares to start vaccinating children from five years old


Michael Reynolds / EPA

Joe Biden, President of the United States

The White House urged US state governors to prepare to vaccinate children ages 5-11 against covid-19. The plan can start to be executed as early as next November.

The indication comes at a time when the US drug authorities are expected to announce the Pfizer vaccine approval for use in children in this age group.

Approval is expected to come in the coming weeks, a White House source told the NBC News.

Biden administration has already negotiated the purchase of 65 million doses of the vaccine that Pfizer and BioNTech made specifically to be given to children, a kind of pediatric version of the vaccine.

“We will ensure the supply and will put in place an allocation, ordering and distribution system similar to the one we use for the other vaccines”, said the coordinator of covid-19 of the White House, Jeff Zients.

The 65 million vaccines would be more than enough to vaccinate the 28 million children estimated to be vaccine-eligible in this age group of 5-11 years.

The doses, which are equivalent to about a third of those given to adults, will be sent to thousands of locations, including pediatric clinics, family doctors, hospitals, health clinics and pharmacies enrolled in the program that guarantees the free supply of vaccines.

According to the ABC News, some states are also considering administering the vaccine through schools.

Although the country shows great concern in vaccinating children, they are still considered significantly less likely to have severe symptoms of covid-19.

According to a survey by American Academy of Pediatrics e da Children’s Hospital Association, less than 2% of children’s covid-19 cases resulted in hospitalization.

Still, health officials warned that the sudden increase in cases in recent months has resulted in an alarming number of admissions among children.

From or end of August, the US reported more than 1.1 million pediatric cases.

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