US to open land borders for vaccinated foreigners in November – Young Pan


Travelers from Mexico and Canada immunized with any vaccine approved by the WHO will no longer need to show an emergency justification for entering the country

Pixabay/Creative CommonsLand borders spent nearly 20 months with restrictions

The Department of Homeland Security USA announced on Wednesday, 13, that the land borders of the US country with the Mexico it’s the Canada will reopen for vaccinated travelers from November. Access points to the North American country were with severe restrictions established for almost 20 months because of the pandemic of Covid-19. With the new rules, anyone vaccinated and with the necessary documentation will be able to enter the country through the land border without having to justify the reason for the trip. The decision comes after months of pressure from Mexico and Canada, especially after the recent announcement that the US would facilitate the entry of people by air, even allowing people to be vaccinated with CoronaVac, which is not applied in the country.

Travelers will not need to show negative PCR tests to enter the country and will undergo a two-step vaccine check: first they will be verbally questioned by border guards; then, they will need to show proof of vaccination along with other protocol documents required when entering the country. Further details on entry rules and the exact date for opening the borders have yet to be released, but officials expect the change to take effect in early November. According to the country’s Center for Disease Control (CDC), all vaccines with emergency use approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) will be accepted. This includes the Chinese Sinovac, applied on a large scale in Brazil and other Latin countries. Now, the CDC is rushing to formalize the acceptance of those who received two different doses of vaccine, something common in Canada. The country’s forecast is that in mid-January 2022 even those who are making essential trips will have to present proof of vaccination.