USA: New Jersey will give beer to those who get vaccine against Covid-19 in May – Prime Time Zone


The pace of inoculations slowed when the immunization campaign reached the country’s youngest population; states are using creativity to encourage citizens to receive injection

EFE/EPA/JUSTIN LANEThe state of West Virginia had already promised $ 100 to anyone who received the immunizer

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced on Monday that all people over the age of 21 who receive their first dose of vaccine against Covid-19 during the month of May they will receive a free glass of beer. To do this, just present the vaccination card in one of the 13 bars and restaurants that are participating in the program called “Shot and a Beer”. The initiative is part of the state’s plan to increase the number of immunizations and reach the target of 4.7 million residents by the end of June. In the meantime, the state of West Virginia is granting a $ 100 savings bond to every 16- to 35-year-old who gets vaccinated against HIV. new coronavirus, in an initiative announced by Governor Jim Justice on the 26th. The CDC’s own decision to remove the mandatory use of a mask in outdoor spaces for those who are vaccinated was used as an argument by Joe Biden to get more people immunized . “For those who haven’t been vaccinated yet, especially those who are younger or think they don’t need it, this is another great reason to get vaccinated,” commented the president. The Democrat had previously encouraged companies to offer paid time off to employees on the days they were to receive the injection.

Incentives like this will be important going forward. In most parts of the country, the number of daily inoculations has been steadily decreasing in recent weeks. According to data from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you USA applied about 2.8 million doses a day in the last week of April, compared to approximately 3.2 million at the beginning of last month. The slower pace is not being caused by a shortage of vaccines, a problem that affects most of the world, but by low interest among the younger age group, which is now the campaign’s target audience. Since the 19th, all people aged 16 and over can be immunized in the country. The American newspaper The Washington Post raises a second possible cause for the slower pace of the vaccination campaign in recent weeks: distrust of the Johnson & Johnson. More than seven million people had already received a single dose of Janssen in the United States when eight cases of thrombosis were reported. While these incidents were being investigated, the government suspended the use of the vaccine for 11 days. Just during this break, between April 18 and April 21, the newspaper conducted a survey in which 73% of unvaccinated respondents said they were not willing to receive the Johnson & Johnson drug. In addition, 43% considered this vaccine to be very unsafe or a little unsafe.

Another fact from the CDC that points out that a considerable number of Americans are not coming to take the second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19. About 3.4% missed their second appointment in March and 8% in April. It is important to note, however, that the information may contain inaccuracies as some people take the first and second doses in different locations.