Users report instability on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook – Prime Time Zone


So far, there is no information on what may have caused the problems on the platforms

Reproduction/Alfredo Rivera/PixabayWhatsapp, Instagram and Facebook showed instability

Users of Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook reported by other social networks on Monday, 4, instability on the platforms in the early afternoon. According to the “downdetector” website, which monitors adverse events on digital platforms around the world, more than 27 thousand problems were reported on WhatsApp do Brazil between 12:00 and 13:00. There are also reports of increased complaints in countries such as the United States, Belgium and Japan. The graphs of other domain sites owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s company also showed an increase in complaints in the last minute. The volume of accesses on the platform that monitors complaints was so large that the DownDetector website itself also showed instability.

Among the most complaints from users are the inability to send or receive messages, photos and audios. On Instagram, many receive the message that “the feed could not be updated”. Within minutes, the term “WhatsApp” became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter, with nearly 1 million mentions on the social network. THE Young pan contacted Facebook’s press office and is awaiting a response about the instability. So far, there is no information on what might have caused the problem.