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America responds to Indo-Chinese differences

Washington: The United States has said it will support a peaceful solution to the ongoing border dispute between India and China as a way to bring peace to the region. Recently, US State Department spokeswoman Ned Price told the media, “We are concerned about Beijing’s attempts to intimidate its neighbors. We always stand by our friends and partners. We will work for security, especially in the Indo-Pacific.

We are reviewing the situation. Ongoing talks between the Governments of India and China should bear fruit. If these talks take place directly at the highest level, we hope that a final decision will be made and the issues will be resolved, ”said Ned Price. He also referred to the recent talks between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Indian Secretary of State S Jai Shankar. He said the strategic partnership with India would continue. Responding to the partnership with India, he said, ‘We will further enhance cooperation in many areas. We believe that partnership advice and consultation at the highest levels of government should continue so that a strong growth trajectory can continue.