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The country’s Supreme Court is angry with Prime Minister Imran Khan

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Supreme Court has expressed anger over Prime Minister Imran Khan. Imran Khan objected that he was not coming to rule the country. This is not the way the country is governed. The Supreme Court has taken seriously the failure to convene a Common Interest Council (CCI) meeting over the past two months. The Supreme Court has expressed dissatisfaction with the government during the hearing of the local bodies election case. The two-member bench was headed by Justice Khazi Phase Isa.

Emphasizing that census is a basic requirement to lead the country, Justice Isa said, “Isn’t the release of census results a priority for the government? Despite the government in the three provinces, no decision has been taken in the council? This government does not have the capacity to lead the country. Or inability to make decisions. ‘ He questioned why the CCI report was kept confidential. What is the motive behind keeping good deeds secret? Doing so raises more questions, ”he said.

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