Vaccination promotion lottery starts in Georgia on Monday


RFE / RL reports that, according to the Chief of the Operational Staff of the Coordinating Council of the Government of Georgia, a promotional lottery for coronavirus vaccination will start on Monday.

After the meeting of the Board, the Chief of Staff Giorgi Ghibradze said that the “Lottery Company” will draw prizes every day and the total prize fund for vaccinated persons will be 2 million 800 thousand GEL.

Giorgi Ghibradze said that the raffle will be held daily and the winner will be determined by random selection. The Lottery Company will contact the winner and present the prize.

100 and 500 GEL will be drawn daily. 1000, 1500, 5000 and 10000 GEL per week.

The prize fund of the summary raffle planned for the end of the year will be 100 thousand GEL.

In the lottery, people who have been vaccinated once will also participate.

Only the final lottery will be held according to the lottery principle.

According to the data published by the Georgian National Center for Disease Control, 1,340,062 vaccinations have been given since March 15. 850,868 people, or 29.8 percent of the adult population, have received a single dose. 489,194 people, or 14.8 percent of the population, were fully evacuated.

According to epidemiologists, at least 60 percent of the adult population needs to be vaccinated to develop public immunity.

Vaccination in Georgia is carried out with “Pfizer”, “Sinopharm”, “Sinovak” and “Astrazeneka” vaccines.