Vaccines are effective against existing variants of Covid 19 – WHO Europe Office


Covid 19 vaccines currently in use in the EU are effective against all previously known variants of the new coronavirus, says the WHO Regional Director.

Hans Klug said governments should try to limit the spread of the virus caused by new variants, including the first-time variant in India, although he also noted that vaccination would reduce the spread of the virus.

“Every Covid 19 variant that has been found so far responds to existing, proven vaccines,” Klug told the media.

European countries use vaccines from various companies, including Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneka and Johnson & Johnson.

“Since the new version B.1.617 was first spotted in India recently, it has now spread to 26 out of 53 European countries,” Kluge said. The new option is observed in many countries, “starting with Austria and Greece, ending with Israel and Kyrgyzstan,” he explains.

“We are still learning about this new option, but it is spreading faster,” Klug said. He noted that this type of virus is spreading so fast that it will soon replace one of the most common variants, first observed in the UK, now dominating throughout Europe and known as B.1.1.7.

Despite the positive prognosis for the vaccine, Kluge is cautiously optimistic that the pandemic is not over.