Versions of “Dream” on SUS files – what not to miss on September 16


Will the publication of SUS files lead to the arrests of the political opponents of the “Dream”?

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For the fourth day in a row, the media and politicians are focusing on SUS records. The prosecutor’s office has already started an investigation. Although a number of people figured in the materials confirm that the records are genuine, no issue of political or official responsibility has been raised for anyone.

The leaders of the “Georgian Dream” have already voiced several versions during this time, where in the context of secret recordings they mention specific political opponents, opposition parties and talk about the provocation planned by them. In the last 48 hours we have heard the following from the leaders of “Dream”:

  • On September 14, the party’s executive secretary, Mamuka Mdinaradze, said that the United National Movement was planning to release personal life recordings. According to him, it was planned to upload materials “outside the country.”
  • Irakli Kobakhidze, the chairman of the Georgian Dream, said in another statement to the media yesterday that a serious provocation was planned in the radical opposition. According to him, the information was leaked from the “National Movement”. “We need sacrifice,” “We need Lekso Lashkarava in the square” – these are the phrases from the conversations and chats of the members of the “National Movement” and its youth wing, including the members of “Shame”, “ – Irakli Kobakhidze stated at the briefing.
  • On September 15, Irakli Kobakhidze again said that the investigation should be interested in who is connected with the alleged dissemination of the materials obtained by SUS. In this context, he mentioned the names of former Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia and his team member, former Deputy Head of the State Security Service Alexander Khojevanishvili.

Kobakhidze’s mention of Gakharia and Khojevanishvili gives grounds for assumptions about the party for Georgia. They do not rule out the possibility of arresting Alexander Khojevanishvili.

Giorgi Khojevanishvili, brother of Alexander Khojevanishvili, a member of the party’s political council, does not rule out the arrest of members of the party for Georgia. In an interview with Pirveli TV, he called groundless the accusation of the Prime Minister about the possible connection of Alexander Khojevanishvili with the alleged disclosure of secret recordings obtained by SUS, and said that all decisions of the current government are based on fear and everyone will see what his next steps will be.

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Top Five Wealthy Parties – Who Got the Most Money in the Pre-Election?

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The pre-election period of 2021 in Georgia started on August 2. During exactly one month, ie from August 2 to September 1, 13 parties received donations. Total 6 161 272 GEL. 98% of this amount was divided by five parties, including 82% to the Georgian Dream.

Most citizens transferred a marginal amount (60 thousand GEL) to the account of the ruling party. The ruling party had 29 such donors, which brought it more than 1.7 million GEL.

Unlike previous years, this year “Georgian Dream” from the same region donated money on the same day. This amount is meager compared to the total funding of the Georgian Dream, but it reflects a new trend. In addition to the fact that the donation was made in one day, the registration places of the donor companies are also noticeable.

For example, on August 23, 12 companies donated money to the Georgian Dream at the same time. 6 companies are registered in Chiatura municipality, three – in Khashuri.

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According to the “Main Channel”, their cameraman was thrown from the 2nd floor of the “Dream” office in Kareli

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Levan Ablotia, the operator of the Main Channel, was fired from the second floor of the Kareli office of the Georgian Dream, the TV company reports. RFE / RL contacted Giorgi Akhalkatsi, a correspondent for the Main Channel in Shida Kartli, who said that the company’s Tbilisi group had been in Kareli for filming on September 15. He said the incident took place at the Georgian Dream party office and the cameraman was thrown from a second-floor balcony. According to Akhalkatsi, the TV operator has an injured leg.

Zaza Guliashvili, the mayoral candidate of the ruling party in Kareli, tells a different story from this version. He told us that the operator was not even thrown, but himself fell from the stair railing and not from the balcony.

“A journalist and a cameraman came to the party office, took pictures. At first they were politely pulled out of the room. It was all happening on the second floor. But they did not leave the office and continued to work. Then one of the zone coordinators witnessed the story and he told her not to take it and covered the camera. The operator stepped back. There is a small railing on the exit staircase. Probably 60 centimeters high, reaching to the knee. On the way back he could not catch this railing and fell down. “He kicked no one, especially from the balcony.” – Zaza Guliashvili told Radio Liberty.

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Moscow and Sukhumi to discuss de facto border delimitation-demarcation

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A delegation of the Russian Federation is in the de facto republic of Abkhazia occupied by Russia. According to the “People’s Movement” of the opposition Abkhazia, the parties have signed a so-called ceasefire between Abkhazia and Russia. The issue of border demarcation-delimitation should be considered.

“Currently, the commission is working, discussing issues that are extremely important for our people and state. We call on the government to work openly with the Joint Commission and provide information to the public, as the issue of territorial affiliation is extremely sensitive for our people. “, – It is said in the statement of the “People’s Movement”.

In 2019, Russia’s ambassador to Sukhumi, Alexei Dvinyanin, said that Russia had offered Abkhazia to sign a maritime demarcation agreement “because the land border issue has not been resolved yet.” Speaking to RFE / RL’s Ekho Kavkaza program, the diplomat confirmed that “only the issue of the village of Aibghi” remains unresolved.

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From zero tolerance to zero compromise

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The Prime Minister of Georgia is waiting for the elections to end, so that everyone – the “traitor and the enemy of the country” – can give a proper answer on the principle of “zero compromise”. It is obvious that Irakli Gharibashvili, consciously or subconsciously, quoted Mikheil Saakashvili as “zero tolerance”.

Georgia’s third president declared “zero tolerance” a “petty crime” in 2006, and Georgia’s incumbent prime minister called it a heinous crime of “conspiracy against the state and the church,” which he said was a “grave provocation” by clerics and patriarchs. In the distribution of surveillance materials.

Dangerous security service?

If provocation is the gravest and crime is tantamount to treason, will the case endure before the election?

It is clear that the Georgian government and the politicized judiciary are in no hurry to uncover the most serious crime allegedly committed by the Georgian Security Service (SSS).

The Georgian prosecutor’s office, which was forced to respond in some way, limited itself to routine “initiation of the case” and “initiation of an investigation.” Neither the members of the government nor the members of the parliamentary majority have raised the issue of not only the responsibility of the head of the SSU, but also the issue of summoning him to the parliament. No, and as lawyer Vakhushti Menabde says, the head of the SSU, at the request of the parliament, is obliged to attend the sittings of the parliament, its committee and commission, answer the questions and submit a report, after which at least one third of the full parliament has the right to ask the SSU The issue of dismissal of the head of the.

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Doctors often say that rehabilitation is necessary in almost all cases for the complete recovery of patients. However, due to the severity of the transmitted disease, all patients need different treatment – for some, even a simple rest is enough, and for others, the intervention of doctors is necessary. It was Tina Khidasheli who went through this painful process of rehabilitation – first in Germany, then in Tskaltubo. The guest of our show tells us how he was rehabilitated and how he feels now, after post-treatment.