Vighveshwar stops the volcano by placing his palm horizontally


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: How do we want Vigneshwar to get rid of Vignesh in everyone’s life and achieve success .. The people of that country are worshiping to see that the erupting volcano does not erupt. Moreover, if we celebrate Vinayakachavithi festival depending on the season, they will be celebrating Vinayaka Chaviti festival all year round.

Mount Bromo is a 7,641-foot-high volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. At the top of the volcano is a 700 year old statue of the glorious Vighveshwar. History has it that the idol of Vighveshwar known as ‘Bromo’ was erected by their ancestors in front of the volcano according to the legends of the Tengar Massif tribe. People there say that the statue protects Mount Bromo from erupting. To symbolize this, the local people celebrate a festival called ‘Vidi Vasa’ every day. During this festival, fruits and flowers are burnt and vignes are removed.

According to 2012 records, there are 127 dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia. There are 5 million people living around those mountains. People living on the borders of Mount Bromo volcano worship Lombodaru to prevent the volcano from erupting.

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Prime Time Zone Career Vighveshwar stops the volcano by placing his palm horizontally

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