‘We are getting ready for an eventual 3rd wave scenario’, says Edson Aparecido – Prime Time Zone


According to the São Paulo Health Secretary, when observing other countries, ‘there is no shadow of a doubt that it can be repeated’ here

JHONY INÁCIO / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTENT – 21/04/2021 Aparecido explained that all this assembled infrastructure will now remain for the city even after the end of the pandemic

The Municipal Secretary of Health of São Paulo, Edson Appeared, announced the delivery of over 40 ICU beds equipped to deal with the AIDS pandemic Covid-19 at the Hospital Dr. Gilson de Cássia Marques de Carvalho, in the Jabaquara region. According to him, even with the 80% occupation in intensive care and 80% in the city wards, the numbers are still high and deserve attention. “This weekend we had a great movement of people and that impacts on transferability. We are preparing for situations that may indicate aggravation, but everything has its limits. At each peak, beds run out quickly. ”

In an interview with Morning newspaper, gives Young pan, Aparecido drew attention to the possibility of a third wave of the disease even after the start of immunization. “All of our technicians take into account the numbers and scenarios of the city and the country. Moving average of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. But we always try to look at countries where the pandemic process is older. At Asia and on Europe, we follow the 1st and 2nd wave. Here it was in the same way and with the aggravating factor of the P1 variant, from Manaus, which is more lethal. And now, looking at these countries, it is possible to notice a confrontation of the 3rd wave. There is no shadow of a doubt that this scenario can be repeated. Therefore, we warn of the need to follow sanitary measures to avoid crowding, to use the mask correctly. We are preparing for an eventual 3rd wave scenario. ”

The municipal health secretary explained that, unlike field hospitals, all of this infrastructure will now be set up for the city even after the end of the pandemic. In the last year alone, ten municipal hospitals have been opened in São Paulo and all will remain. The secretary also affirmed that they should be referred to better serve the population: Bela Vista will be a specialist in the street population, in Santo Amaro, in blacks and browns; in Mooca, in the elderly, etc. About the low demand for the second dose of the vaccine, Edson Aparecido said that the servers are doing an active search to remind people to complete the immunization.