Whale is seen jumping out of the water in Santa Catarina; watch video – Young Pan


Animal was sighted on Tainha beach, located in the city of Bombinhas; Santa Catarina government celebrated the appearance of the mammal published on social networks

Government of SC/João Humberto Junior/Video reproductionWhale was sighted on Santa Catarina beach

Tourists visiting Tainha beach, in the city of Bombinhas, coast of Santa Catarina, captured the moment when a humpback whale jumps out of the water in a kind of acrobatics. In the video, just over 10 seconds, you can hear two people talking about the occurrence of mammals in the sea when one of them appears in front of the cameras. The images went viral on social networks and were even published by the southern state government on Twitter. “Is it possible not to fall in love?”, says the publication’s caption. The appearance of humpback whales is common on the coast of the Brazil. Between the months of June and November, animals of the frank species can be seen with the naked eye in regions of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. In the winter period, they migrate from the South Atlantic in search of warmer waters to be able to breed and breastfeed your puppies.