What the Susie Files say – what not to miss on September 14th


Journalists confirm that the so-called Their conversations in the Susa files are part of the journalists confirming that the so-called Fragments of their conversations are reflected in the SUS records. There are several types of similar files, but all the documents that have been made available to Radio Liberty are directly or indirectly related to the clergy. Depending on the content of the records, it can be assumed that personal information, including personal conversations and correspondence, has been accumulated over the years. Confirmed records of journalists have been made since 2012, during the current government. The domain creation information states that it was created on September 12, 2021. Fragments of the speech of Teo Giligashvili, the main producer of the “Main Channel” news program, were also included in the files. He tells RFE / RL that similar conversations between him and the other individuals in the recordings are true. Andria Jagmaidze, the head of the public relations department of the Patriarchate, evaluates the “Susi files” via Facebook and says that he is not in a hurry to comment. Metropolitan Nicholas of Kumurdo, Kari and Akhalkalaki sees the problem not in listening to him and stalking him, but in making the documents public. The metropolitan said he believes that if he is an object of protection, he should be listened to. “If I am the object of protection, and I believe, I believe very deeply … It is not emotionally normal, but to look at it differently, for example, once they came to the patriarch, to our patriarch and brought him a phone and told him that it is a phone , Which is not heard and will give you this phone. Do you know what he answered? – I try to listen to it all my life and why do I want a phone that you do not hear, do you understand? “It’s a different attitude,” said Metropolitan Nicholas. Read more. See also on this topic: Mdinaradze so called. On SUS Records: We See Another Attack on State and Church State Inspector Demands Investigation of Suspicious Cases of Secret Surveillance Gakharia Offers Face-to-Face Debates to Kaladze and Melia Melia. The former prime minister also names specific TV channels for the debate. “Let us hold debates on your own televisions in your own territory, face to face, one by one, in order to give our citizens, Tbilisians, the opportunity to make the right and informed choice. “It seems that as I have heard in recent speeches, Kakhi Kaladze has some discomfort from appearing on other TV channels, so I would like to once again offer a face-to-face debate to the current mayor of Tbilisi, one on Imedi, on party TV, and I hope I will get a positive response.” – Gakharia said and addressed the general candidate of the opposition: – “Just like I would like to suggest to Nikanor Melia, to hold a debate on one of the main channels of the” National Movement “on the” Main Channel “.” Nika Melia soon responded to this proposal. He is ready to sit in debates with any candidate in any format. Kakha Kaladze does not refuse to debate, but he sees this format on the Public Broadcaster, with the participation of all sixteen candidates. Read more. See also: Gakharia plans to conduct drug testing in Europe Amiran Gamkrelidze, head of the Center for Disease Control, called on students to become more active and set an example for others if they want to attend classes. According to a study by the National Center for Disease Control, about 9.5% of students have co-infection. As for schools, according to Amiran Gamkrelidze, the vaccination rate for both private and public school teachers is 70%. There is a 5-7% difference between the vaccination rates of public and private school teachers and administration staff in Georgia. Read more. See also: Vaccination Incentive Lottery Begins Iran to Answer IAEA Questions About Unregistered Nuclear Facilities The lack of clear answers to questions from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regarding the accuracy and completeness of Iran’s declarations “seriously affects the Agency’s ability to guarantee peaceful content” on Iran’s nuclear program. According to a post posted on the agency’s website on September 13, reflecting the content of the meeting. Read more. UN human rights chief criticizes Taliban for breaking UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has criticized the Taliban for taking steps since taking power last month amid a UN-sponsored donor conference in Washington. To deal with the crisis. Afghanistan is in a “new and dangerous phase” in which many women, members of ethnic groups and religious communities are concerned about their rights, Bachelet told the Human Rights Council in Geneva on September 13. “It is noteworthy that despite the Taliban’s claims to protect women’s rights, women have been increasingly excluded from the public sphere in the last three weeks,” she said in a statement. Read more. New, 25-storey building on Kipshidze – part of the population protests, the mayor supports the construction in Tbilisi, the residents of Kipshidze Street want to stop the construction of three multi-storey buildings. Construction of 25-, 19- and 16-storey buildings is planned in Kipshidze N1. Locals protested against the ongoing construction and demanded a meeting with the city mayor. The construction of a residential building in Kipshidze N1 started in the 90s. As it often happened then, the construction company could not cope with the task, which was facilitated by the situation in the country. As a result, about 190 families who had paid for an apartment in this building were left without housing. They started looking for a new investor, but were able to negotiate only with Gumbat Holding, which in 2020 was allowed by the City Hall to build much taller buildings than originally planned. Read the opinion of the locals on the construction and the mayor’s statement in Tea Topuria’s article. Today, the oldest Amazonian in the world is found in Georgia, but almost no one knows about it. The remains of the tomb excavated in 1927 have been kept in the fund of the National Museum for decades. RFE / RL investigates the story of a warrior woman. .