What will change Tamar Zhvania’s resignation – what awaits the civil sector


Last week, Tamar Zhvania confidently said she would not resign. Today, the decision to resign was spread on the social network. Against this background, civil society representatives believe that the new CEC chairperson should be elected by consensus.

“I think the resignation of Ms. Tamar Zhvania will help increase confidence in the election process and the election administration. Because of the processes that have developed [2020 წლის საპარლამენტო არჩევნებისას] During the counting of votes, during the summarizing of the results and then during the review of complaints and applications, it was the election administration that was contacted. “, – says Nino Dolidze, Executive Director of ISFED

He said that now it is important who will be the new chairman of the commission, as well as the two professional members who should be added to the election administration. For the organization, the transparency of the selection of candidates is the key to have more credibility in the upcoming self-government elections.

Nino Dolidze

“The interview should be scheduled live so that the public understands why one particular candidate is chosen and not the other.”

How to elect a new CEC chairperson: The candidate for the post of commission chairperson submits a candidate, then the commission selects a possible candidate for the post of chairperson, and then the president decides who to submit to parliament for approval.

In order to closely monitor the processes, ISFED has already received an offer from the President to participate in the selection of candidates. According to Nino Dolidze, the selection process will depend on who the other members of the commission will be.

“The composition of the commission is 9-11 members, we and several non-governmental organizations have received offers to monitor the election process. If we can have a majority support for the candidates, it will be good. However, we may not be able to balance the votes. We have agreed to participate in the commission in order to try to play a positive role as much as possible and to support people who enjoy high credibility and we will be principled. “, – says Nino Dolidze, Executive Director of ISFED.

Nika Simonishvili

Nika Simonishvili

In order for the election environment to be better in the country and to change the work of the CEC, the resignation of one chairperson is not enough – this is the opinion of Nika Simonishvili, the chairperson of the Young Lawyers’ Association. He said it is necessary to look at the picture as a whole. “Our recommendation was that the members appointed to the commission on a professional basis should be reappointed, although this is not provided by law, therefore they will not be reappointed if they do not resign themselves.”

2/3 of the parliament (including the opposition) must approve the candidate for the post of CEC chairperson, if after 2 attempts the chairperson is not elected, the number of votes will be reduced and 90 votes will be enough. Receive 76 votes.

“If the election is held with 76 votes, in such a case, the Georgian Dream, taken separately, will have the opportunity to appoint a CEC chairperson. “So we will monitor the ongoing processes and further evaluate.” – Nika Simonishvili said.

In order not to distrust the electoral reform and the forthcoming elections, Levan Natroshvili, a representative of Transparency International Georgia, says that the consensus of 2/3 of the parliament regarding the new candidate of the election commission is especially important, and the resignation of Tamar Zhvania as the person in charge of the current processes. , Will contribute to the recovery of the election process.

Levan Natroshvili

Levan Natroshvili

“More importantly, the number of commission members appointed by political parties has increased, including on opposition grounds. “Together, this should, as a rule, give us better results and a crisis like the one we had last year should not arise. I hope the self-government bodies will have more legitimacy.”, – says Natroshvili. At the suggestion of the President, Transparency International Georgia is also considering the membership of the CEC Chairperson Selection Committee.

It is still unknown who will be appointed to replace Tamar Zhvania. CEC Deputy Chairman Giorgi Sharabidze will perform her duties before the election of a new chairperson.

According to ISFED Executive Director Nino Dolidze, there is little time left before the commission starts working and it will probably happen in July, because there will be local elections by October 2 and the election administration should be formed 2 months in advance.

Tamar Zhvania will no longer be the CEC chairperson from July 1, 2021 and will continue working in international organizations.