Who is Maximov, and why did he meet one of the most influential Taliban on behalf of South Ossetia


According to Mohammed Naimi, the sides discussed “issues related to both countries, regional security and the situation in Afghanistan.”

Ossetian media has not yet widely covered this information. The “representative of South Ossetia”, who met with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Taliban in Afghanistan, first appeared in public in Tskhinvali a few weeks ago.

According to reports, Alexei Maximov was invited to Tskhinvali from Russia to be appointed Deputy Head of the South Ossetian Foreign Intelligence Service, and then to Moscow as a representative of this service.

Not much is known about him. According to the official biography, Maximov served in the Russian contingent of the UN peacekeeping force in Yugoslavia in 1991-93, although such a contingent did not exist at all in those years.

According to unofficial information spread on social networks, Maximov was invited by the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service in de facto South Ossetia Alexei Varziev in 2019. Maximov received the citizenship of the Republic and the rank of colonel in one day and was appointed advisor to the head of the service. He later became the deputy head of the service.

Maximov appeared in public for the first time during the visit of the de facto president of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania to “South Ossetia” in August this year. According to the online edition jam-news, a new high-ranking intelligence official was then caught on camera. He was in the front ranks with the representatives of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

jam-news also writes about an article published in Croatian on alterminfo.blogspot.com and later in the North Ossetian weekly “Svobodni Vzgliad”, which was spread by telegram channels.

It is mentioned in this article that the military contingent mentioned by Maximov in his official biography “first appeared in the UN peacekeeping force in Yugoslavia” only in 1996, in Bosnia.

According to the same sources, the person with the same name and surname, born in Leningrad in 1973 – Maximov Alexei Sergei, an expert at the Center for Military-Political Studies, PhD in Economics and a correspondent member of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement .

“This organization, which operated from 2000 to 2008, was abolished by the decision of the Supreme Court of Russia. The reason for this decision was that the organization established 73 identical types of state awards, including orders and medals, as well as established academic degrees, introduced similar forms of military uniforms and military ranks. According to the prosecutor’s office, which filed the lawsuit, “it creates conditions for manifestations of corruption and discredits the state authorities.”

Here the Russian prosecutor’s office hints at the possible sale of academic degrees and awards.

The authors of the investigation write that another similar organization with which Maximov is affiliated is the “International Academy of Informatics”, which is currently active. A photo of Maximov, who receives an award from the president of the academy, is still posted on the organization’s website. “This organization has been repeatedly criticized in Russia for ‘spreading false science’ and trading in diplomas and academic degrees.”

What does Maximov have to do with Afghanistan?

According to jam-news, in 2014 Maximov participated in the “Amaranth” project in Afghanistan. The aim of the project, which was carried out by the EVRAZIS Foundation and the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, was to experiment with the substitution of opium poppy with a non-traditional agricultural crop, amaranth.

According to official information, “agronomists from South Ossetia” participated in this project. But so far no one in Tskhinvali has heard about this project or the “agronomists”.

A RFE / RL source in Tskhinvali does not know much about Maximov, although he thinks Maximov spoke to the Taliban about recognizing South Ossetia.

“I also learned about Maximov from the press, it seems that he stayed in Tskhinvali for a very short time and returned to Russia. He is reportedly an experienced gambler and falsifies his biography. I do not understand what this man should speak on behalf of South Ossetia. For Russia and many countries around the world, the Taliban is considered a terrorist organization, so Maximov seems to have begun negotiations for the recognition of our republic as if he knew nothing about it in Russia. Is this absurd? Russia is our closest ally and without it our government will not take a single step. It seems that Maximov used his old contacts and thus reached the political leadership of the Taliban, but the question is, what is the point of recognizing the Taliban in South Ossetia, will this be another reputational damage? The Taliban? And if we are still talking about recognition, why is not our Ministry of Foreign Affairs there? What does a foreign intelligence officer who has a fake biography want? ” Says a Tskhinvali source on Radio Liberty.

The first statement made by the Taliban when it came to power in Afghanistan was made by former de facto republican Foreign Minister Davit Sanakoev, who wrote on his Facebook page in August.

Alanya State By Taliban Notice Issue Times no stands Of the day In order, However Excluded it’s nothing. Everything Dependent will be About that, If How much Reasonably And Pragmatically Shows up Yourself Of Afghanistan New Leadership. UN Security Council Resolution Again Admits The Taliban, As Terrorist Organization. That’s right In Russia as well, – wrote Sanakoev. In his opinion, if the resolution is changed and Russia looks at the Taliban differently, the issue will have a different sound.

Conflictologist Zurab Bendianishvili believes that Russia and the de facto government have only tried the ground with the Taliban, through Maximov. In his view, if the West does not negotiate with the new Afghan government and isolate it, then the Taliban will agree to Russian aid and in that case will not refuse to recognize de facto Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

“We must assume that this meeting was planned to test more positions and Russia does not expect any specifics from here. The fact that a dubious reputation and a third-class figure was sent to the meeting on behalf of the Tskhinvali authorities indicates that the issue of recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is not relevant in the relations between Moscow and Kabul. The Taliban International Recognition He needs And No. Only Of Russia Support. from here Therefore, Taliban Towards Of the West Further In position will be Dependent Recognition Of the issue more active Discussion. “

The Taliban launched an intense offensive against Afghan government forces in July and seized control of the capital, Kabul, on August 15. The Taliban, whose regime was overthrown in 2001 as a result of a NATO-led international operation, has regained power after US-led coalition forces began withdrawing from the country. The Deputy Prime Minister, Abdul Ghani Baradar, who was met by a Russian representative in Tskhinvali, is one of the founders of the Taliban and the former head of the political office of a radical group. He was named to the new position in early September. There were reports last week of Baradar’s assassination during an internal confrontation within the Taliban government, which the Taliban quickly denied.