WHO key announcement .. Corona did not leak from that lab


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: The World Health Organization (WHO) has clarified that the corona virus that has plagued the world has not been leaked from the Wuhan lab in China. The WHO team announced on Tuesday that it was the only animal-to-human virus that had not yet been identified.

In 2019, the first case of corona was reported in Wuhan, China. The Wuhan Institute of Virology stores a variety of virus samples. It is alleged that the corona leaked from there to nearby areas. These were denied by China. In this context, a team of WHO scientists arrived in Wuhan on January 14 to discover the origin of the corona virus. Huanan first visited several areas, including the seafood market, where corona cases came to light.

Peter Ben Embarek, head of the WHO Expert Committee, said the corona virus had leaked from the Wohan Lab and could not have spread to humans. Said to have entered another animal from the bat. Preliminary analyzes have shown that it can spread to humans. The virus is thought to have been transmitted to humans by bats or another animal, the bamboo rat.

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