WHO says it awaits data from MSD drug pill study against Covid-19 – Prime Time Zone


A spokesman for the organization said that if data proves the drug’s efficacy, the drug will be ‘another weapon’ against the pandemic in the world

MSD/Disclosure via REUTERSMerck asked the FDA for emergency drug use authorization

The day after Merck pharmacist announced that it had sent an emergency use order for the Molnupiravir, which may be the first medicine in pills to treat the Covid-19, to the US regulatory agency (FDA), the World Health Organization (WHO) he said at a press conference that he awaits the receipt of the drug’s clinical trial data for analysis. “Really, it’s an interesting progress. We would have to see all the study data. If true, this will be another weapon in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, declarou said the organization’s spokesman, Christian Lindmeier, at a press conference held in Geneva this Tuesday, 12.

The antiviral drug is studied as an alternative to treat mild and moderate cases of the disease that are at risk of developing into more severe versions, causing hospitalization or death. The research around the drug was done by Emory University in Atlanta, and the administration given during the testing phase was four pills twice a day for five days in a row. According to preliminary analyzes of the studies, which were also carried out in Brazil, the administration of the drug would reduce the risk of hospitalization caused by the disease by 50%. If the drug is approved by the FDA, the drugmaker’s expectation is that 1.7 million doses will be delivered to the US government for distribution.