WHO urges countries not to administer third doses of vaccines


The World Health Organization (WHO) this Thursday asked member countries to be “extremely cautious” and “not be tempted” to start administering third booster doses of anti-covid vaccines. In the opinion of the organization’s experts, the measure would not help to balance the global distribution of vaccines.

scientific data “don’t justify it at the moment” this booster dose, which, moreover, “increases inequality” when many developing countries have been unable to immunize the most vulnerable populations, warned Dr. Didier Houssin, chairman of the WHO Emergency Committee for covid-19.

The committee, which meets approximately every three months to review the situation caused by the pandemic, also recommended that WHO member countries, for the time being, “seriously consider” the maintenance of measures of physical distance, at a time of increase in cases and the height of the contagious Delta variant.

In recommendations after the eighth meeting, the committee also calls on all governments to support WHO in calling for better global distribution of vaccines, so that at least 10% of the population in all countries is immunized in September.