“Why weren’t they exchanged?”


Ramaz Chalauri, an IDP from Patara Liakhvi gorge during the 2008 war, now lives in the Khurvaleti IDP settlement. On March 7, he was cultivating the land on the outskirts of the village with a tractor when he noticed a vehicle of the occupation forces. Two gunmen got out of the military vehicle and headed towards him. Ramaz immediately realized that they were coming to kidnap him and ran away. Representatives of the occupation forces fired from a firearm. Ramaz says that the Georgian police acted quickly and disarmed the Russian soldiers.

“It rushed in a big Russian car and chased me. I drove this tractor and ran to the pickup truck, to the display. Mdie, Mdie, they could not catch me. There were two. They were shooting, shooting in the air. Stop, stop, they called me. I still would not stop to shoot. “

On the evening of March 7, the State Security Service did not report the arrest of the occupying forces. According to the agency, the Georgian police prevented the representatives of the occupation regime from kidnapping a Georgian citizen, but denied their arrest.

“On March 7, along the occupation line, near the village of Khurvaleti, the police prevented an attempt to illegally detain a Georgian citizen. After preventing illegal detention, the Georgian police stopped the representatives of the occupation regime. “According to the existing practice, with the help of the hotline and the mediation of the EU Monitoring Mission, the representatives of the occupation regime were contacted and the situation was eased.” – We were told in the State Security Service.

The EU Monitoring Mission confirmed to RFE / RL that the hotline for the incident was indeed activated yesterday. In addition, numerous sources from Khurvaleti confirmed to Radio Liberty that members of the occupation forces were first surrounded by police, then disarmed and quickly evacuated from the village. They also took their military vehicle with them.

The people of Khurvaleti are convinced that Georgian law enforcers have been detained by the Russian occupation forces for some time, so they think that these soldiers should be exchanged for Georgian prisoners.

“Our law enforcers detained the Russian occupiers. They should not be released because of how busy our people are. They should have used this moment. ”

“Let them exchange, why don’t they change? “Why should they have released him? The testimonies were taken there and exchanged.”

“The police should have taken them (the Russians) and there should have been negotiations to exchange them for Zaza Gakheladze,” he said. Say the people of Khurvaleti.

Communication between Georgian law enforcement and the occupation forces took place through the EUMM hotline on the evening of March 7. The details of the talks have not been made public by either side, and the main question now is what the police released the representatives of the occupation forces in exchange for. Zaza Gakheladze’s family became more optimistic after the peaceful end of this incident. Zaza’s wife, Irma Butkhuzi, told RFE / RL that after negotiations through the hotline, the issue of Georgian prisoners in the Tskhinvali prison could be resolved and released soon.