With an advance in vaccination and a drop in rates, SP projects an increase in flexibility and ‘back to normal’ – Prime Time Zone


According to the Secretary for Regional Development, Marco Vinholi, the expectation is that the new guidelines for the São Paulo Plan will be announced next week: ‘Good news to come’

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Last week, 288 cities in Sao Paulo did not register deaths due to Covid-19. In addition, 18 municipalities did not report any cases of the disease. These numbers are just some of the indicators that show the decline in pandemic in the state, which registered the lowest rate of hospitalizations, 61%, since the beginning of the year. The positive result is linked to the advance of immunization, which should allow an advance in the São Paulo Plan for the month of August and, in the future, the long-awaited “back to normal”. “With the improvement in the rates, there is a possibility of increasing the Flexibilization at the end of this transition period. It is a good expectation, but still with care, we will have to live with the use of masks and the pandemic. We still have an immunization period, but these are positive scenarios thanks to the vaccination in São Paulo. […] At the end of the process, we are going to return to normal, we will be able to have a great output not only in the health issue, but also in the economy. São Paulo already shows a growth forecast of 7%, boosting Brazil and being able to make the generation of jobs and income come very strong in this sequence”, clarified Marco Vinholi, Secretary of Regional Development of the State of São Paulo, in an interview with Morning Newspaper, from Young pan.

Until this Wednesday, 21, the State of São Paulo had already applied more than 32.2 million doses of vaccines, with about 7.4 million corresponding to the second dose, which means the complete vaccination schedule, and just over 1 million single doses. It is estimated that the reinforcement of immunization, already announced by the state government to start in January, will take place with the use of ButanVac, from the Butantan Institute. According to Vinholi, although there is still no indication of the Ministry of Health about the annual immunization, the institute already points out the need and the government of São Paulo is preparing for the application. “We are working so that at the beginning of next year we already have ButanVac with a great output. It will be available this year, but next year, in this new cycle, it will be the great vaccine that will enable Brazil to gain independence and faster and more efficient immunization. This look is fundamental, imagine arriving next year in this vaccine race once again”, he clarified. The expectation is that the governor’s announcement João Doria on the new flexibility of the São Paulo Plan to take place next Wednesday, 28. “With improvement in the indicators, what we have as a horizon is to move forward with the possibility of returning to normal. […] For sure, good news will come”, he concluded.