With closed zoos, everything serves to entertain otters. Up to simple bamboo


The confinement served as an unwelcome reminder that being trapped inside the house without much to do can be exhausting. The same is true for animals, so zoos had to be creative when animals needed extra entertainment.

O Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Sydney, Australia, it is home to a family of eastern dwarf otters. Habitat loss due to human invasion and illegal logging, as well as hunters who poach them for fur, threaten the species.

The zoo supports projects across Asia to protect otters and other creatures – and also spoil the family of otters.

Providing engaging enrichment is a constant battle for scientists and zookeepers, as intelligent animals quickly tire of even the most innovative activities – especially in times of pandemic, at a time when these places are closed and receive no visitors several months ago.

Otters – who even know how to juggle – received everything, from puzzles to orangutans, to keep them entertained, but a recent video served as a reminder that even simple things can bring us joy. The video shows the otters going “totally crazy” with a simple bamboo branch.

According to Boing Boing, the zoo explained that the mother otter wanted to try to grab the bamboo to make nests, but the younger otters had a better idea: use the branch to play.

“Who knew it would be so much fun to play with a bamboo branch,” wrote the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. “The whole family of otters was in the business that the guardians [fornecem] to the group for enrichment. Mama Jafar was interested in using bamboo as a nesting material, while young people in the family were much more willing to play tug-of-war with him! ”

The family of otters is made up, according to guardian Tarryn Williams, of six animals. THE mother Jafar, father Harry and their four babies (one male and three females). According to Nerdist, the zoo chose Jafar to be the matriarch after seeing how much she adored her younger brother, when they realized that she would be a good mother and continue to expand the vulnerable population.

This video is the last sample of the preciousness of this famous family of eastern dwarf otters. In April 2020, the zoo shared another enrichment video showing otters trying plucking leaves from a metal ball. The video shows that animals are persistent in trying to identify whether they can solve the puzzle.

Maria Campos, ZAP //