With court authorization, Backer sells beer again Captain Senra – Prime Time Zone


Denounced for contamination of beverages, the brand was fighting a fight in court to resume the marketing of its products since 2019

Image: Reproduction / Instagram @cervejariabackerChemical poisoning hit liters of Backer’s beers in 2019, leaving ten dead and 16 victims with serious injuries

After acquiring a judicial authorization, Cervejaria Três Lobos, owner of the Backer, announced this Tuesday, 11, that it will return to sell the beer Captain Senra. “Cervejaria Três Lobos Ltda. it has guided its performance in strict observance of the rules and in the fulfillment of administrative and judicial decisions. In this sense, it will once again commercialize Capitão Senra beer, a fundamental initiative to maintain the employment of its employees and to honor its commitments ”, registered the company on its Instagram account. In the comments of the post, many users celebrated the return of the drink’s commercialization. The announcement marks the first time that the company has commented on the resumption of product sales. Since it was denounced for contamination of 29 consumers with diethylene glycol, Backer is fighting a fight in court to re-market its products. Chemical poisoning hit liters of beer in 2019, leaving ten dead and 16 victims with serious injuries.

Although the announcement regarding the sale of Capitão Senra was released only this afternoon, the brand had already been relaunched in October last year. On the occasion, the beer presentation took place during an event at the Backer Brewery Temple, located in Belo Horizonte, based on a partnership signed between Backer and another beer manufacturer. A month later, in November, the Court established the suspension of Backer’s activities and vetoed any commercialization possibilities for Captain Senra. However, on the last 22, Judge Haroldo André Toscano de Oliveira, from the 2nd Criminal Court of Belo Horizonte, lifted the ban. To make the decision, the judge analyzed that the beer would not be produced in Backer’s industrial yard, but “under the responsibility of a company that holds the competent sanitary permits”.